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A party to a dispute generally has the right to challenge a trial court’s final judgment and certain other trial court rulings in courts of appeal.  Regardless of whether you are bringing an appeal or defending the trail court’s ruling, Alagood Cartwright Burke PC can evaluate your case and help you maneuver through the appellate courts.  Our firm is experienced in handling appeals in state and federal courts.  Our attorneys recognize that appellate advocacy is far different than trial law.  Alagood Cartwright Burke PC understands the need to review the case just as the appellate court does, to evaluate and determine whether or not matters, including final judgments and interlocutory orders are appealable.  We know the procedures for obtaining a review, can advise regarding supersedeas and cost bonds, are able to present proper record on appeal, and obtain the best scope of review.  Our attorneys understand that appeals are a special area of the law and require a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to develop a strong appeal.