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Why is the highway so dangerous for motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2020 | Personal Injury

In Texas, good weather reigns supreme. There are plenty of sunny days on the horizon. Because of that, there are many motorcyclists in the state. And due to that high number, there are also many motorcycle accidents. Today we will look at motorcycle crashes in relation to highway safety. 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration looks into motorcycle safety, especially on the highway. While the highway can be dangerous for any driver, it is a big risk for motorcyclists. This is because they are small, hard to notice and lacking in protection. Covered vehicles are much larger and provide more protection for their drivers. In a crash between a motorcycle and covered vehicle, a motorcycle will always come out worse. 

Damage to the road itself can also have a bigger impact on motorcyclists, again due to their size. This is why signs request motorcyclists to be cautious in construction zones. Even a small bump on the road can be enough to send a motorcyclist tipping over. Cars may not be able to react fast enough to stop. This results in the motorcyclist getting hit or run over by a vehicle from behind. Pot holes and other wear-and-tear type damages can have the same effect. 

Speed and weather also pose risks to motorcyclists. Rain, fog, snow and other elements that impede vision can be a big danger. So can driving at fast speeds. In either situation, motorcyclists have less time to react to danger. Other vehicles also have less time to react to motorcyclists. It can be a recipe for disaster that puts everyone on the road at risk.