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Fatal Texas crash may have resulted from racing or road rage

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2020 | News/Articles

A witness in the vicinity of the intersection of South Riverside Drive and U.S. Highway 287 in Fort Worth, Texas, reported seeing an SUV weaving in and out of traffic. Authorities are not sure of the reason for this but theorize that the driver may have been racing another vehicle or was perhaps pursuing another driver due to road rage. Whatever the reason for the driver’s behavior, the SUV eventually crashed into a concrete bridge support pillar head-on in a fatal crash that involved at least one other vehicle. 

The accident occurred Tuesday at about midmorning. In addition to the SUV, it also involved a pickup that came to a stop further down the road after rolling over. Apart from that, only a few details about the crash are readily available. Authorities have confirmed that an occupant of one of the vehicles lost his life, but it is not clear whether he was driving one of the vehicles or which one he was inside. 

It is also unclear how many other people the accident involved, whether any other vehicle occupants sustained any injury and, if so, what their current conditions may be. However, a photograph of the accident shows the SUV straddling a guardrail with its front half completely crushed due to its collision with the bridge support. In addition to the known fatality, the accident also required northbound traffic on Highway 287 to reroute for nearly three hours while an investigation of the accident scene took place. 

Whatever the behavior that led to the crash, it seems to have been reckless. It may be possible to hold the responsible party liable for injuries and losses sustained in a car accident. Victims may wish to discuss the case with an attorney.