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Why do TBI victims have personality changes?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | Personal Injury

Texas residents who get involved in crashes may suffer from traumatic brain injuries. These injuries, also known as TBIs, have profound impacts on the sufferers. There are mental and physical side effects. Today we will take a look at the way TBIs may affect the personality.

Mayo Clinic looks into the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries. Some are more common than others. For example, it is common for TBI sufferers to face a degree of memory loss. The type of memory loss and its severity often depend on the injury itself. Location and how bad the injury affects the way it impacts victims.

Personality changes are also somewhat common. This is often one of the biggest shocks to the victim’s loved ones. Personality changes differ depending on TBI severity and location. Most often, these changes are a result of damage to the frontal lobe. For example, this area controls your ability to self-regulate. If damaged, you cannot exert the same self-control you could before the crash. This manifests in many different ways. Some compulsive behaviors lead to victims acting out. They may have tantrums and fits of temper because they cannot manage their anger.

Crashes often result in big health issues. Victims feel frustrated or helpless about them. Some lash out at loved ones due to an inability to manage their frustrations. Others find themselves more irritable or easily angered. Some fall into depressive states. Others become anxious. Unfortunately, any of these changes can impact a person’s life in a negative way. It is important for loved ones to understand why the victims are acting in this way.