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What you need to know about zoning in commercial real estate

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Real Estate

Zoning laws have a huge impact on business because they dictate where a person may operate a business and make some areas off-limits to commercial activity.

When looking at commercial real estate, the Small Busines Association explains it is up to the buyer to pay attention to zoning laws. They can change often, which means that even if a commercial building is in an area that the seller says is a business zone, it may not work for the intended business use. It is possible there could be changes soon to zoning regulations or special rules in place that would affect the business. If a buyer buys property for use as a business in an area not zoned for business, then it essentially is useless for any commercial application.

Basics of zoning

In Denton, the zoning is either residential or commercial, according to the City of Denton. Leaders expect that residential areas remain for homes and are where people will live within the city. Keeping commercial real estate out of these areas helps to avoid the incompatibility issues that often occur when residential and business mix.

Having specific commercial areas offers some protection as well for the businesses. Specifically, it provides protection to a business that requires land for operation, such as a farm or ranch.

Zoning rules

Within the zoning areas, there may be specific rules. Often the rules put limits in place about the type of business that may operate in that zone. For example, in one commercial zone, a person may be able to operate a bed and breakfast but not a manufacturing plant.