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What losses are recoverable following a car accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Personal Injury

Anyone who has been in or lost a loved one in a serious motor vehicle collision knows that the economic and non-economic losses associated with such an event can be devastating. Thankfully, the laws of Texas allow victims to seek compensation for their losses under specified circumstances. What losses are recoverable following a car accident? 

The financial losses 

The financial losses associated with a car crash can add up quickly. There are medical expenses such as emergency transportation costs, emergency room testing and treatment expenses, follow-up care, rehabilitation and, in some cases, at-home or long-term facility care costs. Insurance only covers so much, which means many of these expenses may need to be paid for out of pocket.  

Then, there are lost wages. People who suffer injuries in a car accident need time to recover, which can mean having to take a lot of time off work. Others are never able to return to work. Those who lose loved ones in auto collisions lose that persons financial contribution to the family. The loss of earning capacity in any of these situations can be difficult from which to recover. 

The non-economic losses 

Some people dont think about the non-economic losses associated with a car accident, but there are many. They include loss of companionship, depression, mental distress, pain, stress and anxiety. These things may not have a financial loss associated with them, but they are still extremely damaging and can have long-term consequences.  

Seek relief 

Following a car accident, one might think the responsible partys insurance provider will cover any losses experienced, but that often is not the case — at least, not without a little negotiation. Legal counsel may be able to help one seek maximum relief for any documented damages through out-of-court discussions or, if it comes to it, litigation. Most personal injury cases are resolved before they make it to trial in a Texas civil court, but it is always good to work with legal counsel who is prepared to take things that far just in case.