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How could roadway expansion affect your property?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

Texas property owners like you often take great pride in what they own. You likely worked hard to earn enough to purchase the land on which your family home sits, and over the years, you may have performed various landscaping projects to get your property looking as perfectly as possible. While yard work is a never-ending endeavor, you enjoy having every blade of grass in place. 

When you found out that the city or county in which you live was going to widen or expand the road near or directly in front of your property, you may have understandably had concerns. After all, wider roads often mean more traffic, which could cause a variety of issues for your travels. Additionally, if the expansion is occurring right in front of your property, the city or county government may attempt to claim eminent domain over a portion of your land. 

What can this mean for you? 

The idea of anyone taking the land that you worked so hard for and have kept up is likely enough to set you on edge. However, other negative effects could stem from roadway expansion near your home as well, including the following: 

  • Noise: You may experience an increase in noise pollution in your area because more traffic is coming through due to the widened roadway. 
  • Effects on property value: Though your may consider your property your forever home and hope to stay there, life can often throw unexpected changes anyone’s way. If you have to sell, it is possible that the road expansion could decrease your property value or make it less appealing to future buyers. 
  • Landlocking: The expansion could also create a landlocked situation for your property that makes it impossible for you to access your driveway or other entrance as you typically do, meaning you need an alternate way to get onto your property. 
  • Safety issues: The increase in traffic could also present safety issues in addition to the noise problems. If you have children, the idea of a multi-lane highway in your front yard is likely not appealing. 

Unfortunately, if the government decides that the project is going to take place, you will likely have to fight tooth and nail and have expansive support to oppose the project. However, if you receive a notice regarding eminent domain and the government seeking to take a portion of your property, you may wish to learn more about your rights and options for potentially opposing the matter.