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Benefits of business litigation

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Business

Without fail, there is a point in any business owners career where he or she will be faced with a dispute that the owner will struggle to resolve. There are multiple ways to go about settling such a matter. Business litigation is not always necessary, but there are some benefits to litigation that alternative dispute resolution methods may not offer Texas business owners.

Why consider litigation?

As opposed to mediation or arbitration, if you choose litigation, the issue becomes a matter of public record. This means any decision made in the case can become precedent for future disputes. It also means precedent can be used to support your case. The question is, do you want the problem to be private, or will making it public record help your case?

With litigation, there is always a result. There is also guaranteed cooperation, as any party refusing to cooperate may be held in contempt, or a default judgment may be issued. If you disagree with the result, there is an appeals process available.

What about the cost?

Litigation can be costly, it is true, but ADR methods can be as well. Every case is different. Legal counsel can help you determine which resolution method makes sense for your situation and your pocketbook.

Get help

If you are a business owner in Texas who is dealing with a dispute that is beyond anything you can handle on your own, the sooner you get help, the better. Finding a solution is possible. To learn more about how an experienced business law attorney can assist you with your dispute, please take a moment and visit our firms website.