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Commercial real estate trends that may impact future transactions

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Real Estate

Because of the pandemic, the way many Texas businesses operate has irrevocably changed. With an increase in remote work, adjusted operations and other changes, commercial property needs have changed as well. These reasons and others will continue to influence potential commercial real estate trends, possibly impacting future purchase or sale transactions. 

Expect 2021 trends throughout 2022 

Last year saw many shifts in the real estate needs of different types of companies as they continued to adjust to changed consumer needs, health and safety concerns, rising costs and more. Commercial real estate trends that will likely continue include: 

  • Industrial space will continue to grow as many companies have increased their e-commerce operations. 
  • Restaurants are continuing to do a significant number of to-go orders, and traditional restaurant spaces may not be in high demand. 
  • With many companies allowing employees to work remotely, office space demand will be lower than in the past. 

Commercial real estate trends are important to note for sellers, landlords and potential buyers as they look to protect their long-term interests in these types of major transactions. Recognition of current and projected trends may help avoid complications and regrettable decisions. 

Think about legal aspects as well 

When buying, selling or leasing commercial space, the guidance of an experienced Texas real estate attorney can be helpful. An attorney can help one understand how to protect his or her interests at every step, avoiding setbacks and possible financial loss. Before accepting an offer or signing any type of contract, it may help to seek an assessment of the specific case.