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Think twice before signing a commercial lease

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Real Estate

Finding the ideal location for a storefront or operational center for a Texas business can be a difficult endeavor. Once a preferable location is identified, it can be tempting to simply sign a contract as quickly as possible, but it is most prudent to be cautious and careful. Before signing a commercial lease, a business will benefit from considering the details and ensuring that they are not exposing themselves to unnecessary risks in the terms of the agreement.

Important details in a lease

One practical way to avoid unnecessary risks in a commercial lease is to first do the appropriate research. Careful consideration should be given to the details of the transaction that could impact the use of the property. These things include:

  • Zoning designation
  • Nuisance laws
  • Environmental expectations
  • Approved use of the building
  • Traffic flow and parking
  • Amount of the rent and what rent covers
  • Responsibility for repairs or changes needed
  • Possibility of subletting

The details of a commercial lease will have an impact on the daily operations, finances and legal rights of a business. Careful review of the terms and effective negotiation is key to creating a beneficial contract.

Seeking experienced guidance

The experienced guidance of a knowledgeable business law attorney can prove invaluable during this process. A legal ally can review the terms of a commercial lease before signing, helping a Texas business avoid problems and unexpected complications. Research, precaution and doing the necessary due diligence can shield a business from financial loss and the potential for legal disputes when dealing with commercial lease matters.