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How did speed play a role in your motor vehicle accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2023 | Personal Injury

Car accidents are often the result of the reckless and negligent actions of another driver. Many serious crashes happen because drivers make choices that needlessly endanger others, such as driving while distracted or speeding. Driving at high rates of speed is one of the leading causes of accidents, and it makes it more likely that any accident will result in serious consequences. If you are suffering after a car crash, it is likely that speed played a role in what happened to you. 

Speeding is risky, but unfortunately, most drivers underestimate how dangerous it is. In fact, most people will drive over the speed limit at some point, typically when they are anxious to arrive at their destination or running late. Regardless of why a driver is speeding, there is no excuse for needlessly endangering others and violating the speed limit. Victims of speed-related accidents have legal options through which they may hold responsible parties accountable. 

Why is speeding so dangerous? 

Drivers may choose to drive too fast because they believe it will help them arrive at their destination sooner. In reality, it will likely only elevate their risk of an accident and the chance that they or others on the road will suffer serious injuries. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, speeding played a role in 29% of all motor vehicle accident fatalities in 2020. Due to the rising number of fatal accidents in Texas and across the country, that number may be even higher now.  

Speeding increases stopping distance, decreases the efficacy of safety equipment and makes it more likely a driver will lose control of his or her vehicle. When a car is moving at high rates of speed, a crash will likely cause more severe injuries and damage to the vehicle. Simply driving the speed limit decreases the chance of a crash significantly. 

The rights of victims 

Victims of speed-related accidents do not have to suffer alone. If you believe that speed was a factor in the crash that left you with injuries, you will benefit from seeking an explanation of the legal options available to you. Through the civil justice system, you can hold responsible drivers accountable, pursue rightful compensation and secure what you need to pick up the pieces after a crash.