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Disregarding the dangers of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2023 | Personal Injury

When a driver is behind the wheel, his or her primary concern is to focus on the task at hand and the safe operation of the vehicle. It can lead to devastating consequences when the driver fails to do this, instead choosing to engage in distracting behaviors that take his or her eyes from the road and mind off safety. Studies have found that many Texas drivers underestimate the danger of distraction, believing that they can safely multitask. 

There is no safe multitasking 

Drivers often assume that they can safely respond to a text, check social media quickly, eat their breakfast or put on makeup while they are also driving. Any of these things can cause major distraction, but the primary reason for distracted driving is phone use. A recent study considered distracting behaviors and their effect on the minds of drivers. 

The results of the study found that the mind remains distracted for much longer than originally thought, even after the distracting behavior is stopped. Researchers believe that individuals cannot refocus for 30 seconds or longer after they stop engaging in the distracting behavior. This has caused experts to believe that the true number of distracted driving accidents may be much higher than assumed.  

Victims of distracted driving 

A driver can still be distracted even if he or she does not have a phone in his or her hands at the time of an accident. If there is suspicion that distraction played a role in a motor vehicle collision that caused another person harm, a Texas victim does not have to remain silent. He or she could have grounds to pursue justice through a civil claim.