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The dangers and legal implications of blind spot accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2024 | Personal Injury

Have you ever thought about how dangerous blind spot accidents can be? When drivers fail to see another vehicle in an area their mirrors don’t cover, that area is called a blind spot. These oversights often lead to unexpected collisions, potentially causing severe injuries or worse.

As a driver, you need to understand the severity of these incidents and your rights should you fall victim to someone who didn’t check their blind spots.

Instances that can lead to severe injuries

Overlooking another vehicle in a blind spot while changing lanes or turning can result in devastating collisions—vehicles may spin out of control or even flip over. For example, imagine if a driver merges onto a highway without checking their blind spot. If another vehicle occupies the blind spot and cannot move away in time, the merging car may strike it side-on. This could cause both vehicles to lose control or even flip over, leading to terrifying scenarios for those involved.

The risk escalates with large trucks. A collision caused by a truck—which didn’t notice an adjacent smaller car while changing lanes—could result in extensive vehicle damage and severe physical injuries primarily due to its large size and weight.

Know your rights in the situation

Once legal authorities determine that the other driver neglected to check their blind spots properly before moving, you might be eligible for compensation covering medical bills or vehicle damages. Compensation often extends beyond immediate costs. For example, if injuries from the accident prevent you from working, it may also cover lost wages, allowing recovery without financial worry.

Asserting your rights within this legal process presents challenges. The laws surrounding motor accidents are complex, with various factors influencing case outcomes. These include evidence collection, determination of liability and negotiation with insurance companies who often aim to minimize their payouts. For these reasons, consider seeking a legal professional. They can protect your rights every step of the way.