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Trusted Guidance Through Construction Law Matters

Denton construction law attorney R. Scott Alagood is a board-certified attorney in both residential and commercial real estate law with over 20 years of experience. Texas contractors, owners, subcontractors and suppliers rely on Scott Alagood for a full range of construction-related legal services, including:

  • Negotiating and preparing construction contracts and other documents
  • Assisting clients with construction defects
  • Claims for delay damages
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Bond claims
  • Foundation failures
  • Contract issues

The Critical Importance Of A Leak-Proof Contract

In all construction plans and undertakings, the contract is the beginning, middle and end of a strategy for success. Mr. Alagood often says the most favorable solution for construction law disputes is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Sometimes one side or another wants to skimp on contract preparation fees, possibly by recycling previous contracts without having a knowledgeable attorney review the end product. The problem with this approach is that unique aspects of a particular construction project may be left out. Clear, well-understood contracts are essential to protecting all parties in construction deals.

Addressing Disputes Head-On When They Occur

Usually, a result of poorly drafted contracts but also sometimes because of unanticipated troubles, disputes come about despite the best intentions and efforts. Disagreements may stem from estate issues, land preparation challenges, work delays and other problems. If you are facing problems involving misinterpretation of a contract for a construction project at any phase of the building timeline, get a lawyer on your side as soon as possible.

Early legal counsel can prevent a minor dispute from growing out of control. A skilled attorney can help you stay focused on your goals, without being distracted by small disagreements. From law offices in Denton, Mr. Alagood provides clients of the firm with strong and effective representation in construction litigation.

A construction dispute may be stopped through timely legal action. Issues in question may be resolved through negotiations, mediation or arbitration, or at trial. Alagood Cartwright Burke PC provides mediation and arbitration services as needed for its clients, as well as other law firm’s clients in need of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for construction disputes.

Referrals Tell The Story | Schedule A Consultation

Scott also takes pride in the fact that his clients frequently refer him to their business associates, family and friends. Alagood Cartwright Burke PC‘s construction law practice is built upon decades of experience in commercial litigation and business transactions.

To arrange for a consultation with Scott, please call 940-308-8463 or email Scott through this website.

by R. Scott Alagood