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Knowledgeable Insurance Law Counsel

Denton County insurance law attorneys R. Scott Alagood, Brian Cartwright and Samuel B. Burke represent individuals and business clients in a broad range of consumer matters. Many legal areas handled by the firm often have to do with insurance law and may involve:

  • Litigation
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Fraud
  • Breach of contract
  • Bad faith insurance

Insurers’ interests rarely, if ever, line up with the interests of their insureds or with the interests of people making claims against their insureds. Rather, insurance companies’ overarching goal is to make a profit. This divergence of allegiance leads to crack lines from which disputes come about that have to do with insurance.

Trusted Names In Litigation

Our legal team represents our clients who are involved in disputes with their insurance companies, whether the company is refusing to pay proper claims, failing to pay claims on a timely basis, violating the Texas Insurance Code or breaching its duty of good faith and fair dealing. We also represent people making claims against negligent parties, often resulting in disputes against insurers when those insurers find reasons not to pay.

By the time insurance questions come to the attention of attorneys, disputes are often in full swing. An insurer may have refused to pay up on legitimate claims for benefits. An act of negligence by someone or by a company may be covered in that person’s or that organization’s liability policies. Documenting all aspects of wrongdoing by the negligent party and/or the insurer will be the bulk of the legal work required to obtain relief for a plaintiff. Our firm is up for the task, even in complex cases.

Our lawyers have received many awards in recognition of their skill and accomplishments as litigators. They are trustworthy advocates in large part because of the values that run through all facts of their law practice, including a commitment to excellence, aggressive persuasion, honesty and a deep knowledge base.

Learn What It May Take To Level The Playing Field And Achieve Financial Justice

Please contact Alagood Cartwright Burke PC at 940-308-8463 or by emailing us to experience our tradition of excellence, solid advice, knowledge, aggressiveness and honesty. Alagood Cartwright Burke PC is committed to giving prompt attention to your daily concerns, while also meeting your long-term goals and expectations.

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