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Decades Of Experience In Landlord/Tenant Law

Attorney R. Scott Alagood has more than 20 years of experience in representing clients in residential and commercial real property disputes in the North Texas area and surrounding communities.

When a dispute arises between a landlord and tenant, Scott can help you resolve the dispute in a timely manner. The relationship between landlord and tenant should be clearly stated in a written lease and include both the landlord’s and the tenant’s rights and responsibilities. When the terms of the lease are not followed by either party, a dispute may arise.

Comprehensive Lease Assistance

When entering into a lease agreement, Scott will help you understand your rights and responsibilities. Litigation can be equally damaging to the financial security of either party. Scott can assist landlord and/or tenants in all aspects of commercial and residential leases, including but not limited to:

  • Preparation and interpretation of commercial and residential contracts
  • Breach of the lease or rental agreements
  • Lease negotiations
  • Maintenance and property use disputes
  • Forcible entry and detainer actions
  • Wrongful evictions
  • Wrongful retention of security deposits
  • Damage claims

Trust A Knowledgeable Attorney

Scott is experienced in seeking innovative, cost-effective paths to dispute resolution. Inside and outside of the courtroom, Scott is experienced in preparing, reviewing and negotiating the terms of a lease agreement for residential or commercial tenants and landlords.

Contact us online or call 940-308-8463 to schedule a consultation if you require an attorney who believes that every detail matters.

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