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Skilled Resolution Through Mediation Or Arbitration

R. Scott Alagood is a board-certified residential and commercial real estate attorney whose practice includes mediation and arbitration services in business, civil, corporate, construction, landlord/tenant, foreclosure, title, adverse possession, sales transactions, eminent domain, lending, and other commercial and residential real estate matters.

Your Case Will Remain Confidential

Most state law claims can be mediated in accordance with the mediation rules set forth in Chapter 154 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. However, Scott mediates disputes under federal law as well. Regardless of whether the mediation is governed by state or federal law, all information provided during the mediation will remain confidential.

Gain Advice From An Experienced Attorney

While Scott does not make any final decisions or judgments regarding the disputes submitted during the mediation process, he will from time to time give the parties his honest opinion based upon the facts that have been presented to him. Instead of simply playing devil’s advocate, Scott tries to give the parties and their attorneys the benefit of his knowledge and experience. Scott will utilize the mediation process to find points of mutual interest between the parties, which may allow a resolution to be reached.

Contact Us To Address Your Case

Denton arbitration attorney Scott Alagood offers full and half-day mediation and full-day arbitration services. Lunch will be provided to the parties and their representatives for a full-day mediation or arbitration along with drinks, including water, soft drinks and coffee.

Please call 940-308-8463 or email our lawyers to schedule a mediation or arbitration with Scott Alagood and allow him to assist you in the resolution of your disputes.


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