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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation and Disputes Involving Contracts, Fraud, Deceptive Trade Practices, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Employment Law, Real Estate, Construction Defects, and Local Counsel

Denton Civil Litigation Attorneys Brian T. Cartwright, R. Scott Alagood, and Samuel B. Burke, the founding members of Alagood Cartwright Burke PC, have over 45+ years of combined experience practicing civil trial law and representing clients in disputes involving such matters as:

  • Contract Law, including breach of contract and fraud
  • Deceptive Trade Practices, including violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices – Consumer Protection Act
  • Insurance Law, including violations of the Texas Insurance Code and breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing (for wrongful denial of a claim, failing to properly investigate a claim before a decision is made to pay or not pay it, and failing to pay an insured in a timely manner), and coverage disputes
  • Intellectual Property, including non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and non-disclosure agreements
  • Employment Law, including overtime and other wage violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Real Estate, including boundary disputes and water drainage cases
  • Construction Defects, including foundations, pools, and retaining walls
  • Acting as Local Counseld

Brian, Scott, and Sam’s methodical, common sense approach, attention to detail, and tenacious representation insures maximum recoveries for clients who have been damaged by the wrongful conduct of others. If you have been damaged, or simply want to know what your rights are, then call Brian T. Cartwright, Scott Alagood, and/or Sam Burke at (940) 891-0003. The Denton Civil Litigation Attorneys at Alagood Cartwright Burke PC, look forward to hearing from you and hope that they can help you.

by R. Scott Alagood and Samuel B. Burke

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