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Securing Alcoholic Beverage Licenses And Permits

Utilizing Denton County attorney R. Scott Alagood’s background and experience before state boards and commissions, Alagood Cartwright Burke PC represents potential licensees and permittees in the preparation and filing of licenses and permit applications for the sale of alcoholic beverages, as well as assisting clients with permit and license issues before the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Get The Information You Need And A Map For Achieving Your Goal

Are you a restaurant owner, a special events vendor or the owner of a retail establishment intending to sell liquor? Whether your plans are to sell wholesale or retail, or whether to sell closed containers or individual servings, Alagood Cartwright Burke PC can help you navigate the maze of requirements for obtaining the licenses and permits you seek, such as:

  • A beverage cart permit
  • A brewer’s permit
  • A daily temporary private club permit
  • A food and beverage certificate
  • A minibar permit
  • A wine and beer retailer’s permit for an excursion boat
  • Other types of permits and licenses having to do with alcohol

We will not only help you obtain the appropriate permit for your intended use but also advise you on how to comply with regulations and avoid putting your business at risk of citations or worse. We can help you write employee manuals to ensure compliance with the law by all who work under the guise of the permit or license that you acquire.

If you or an employee is accused of wrongdoing, we can represent you in hearings and shorten any penalty times when you may be barred from handling or selling alcoholic beverages.

If The Activities You Have In Mind Will Involve Transporting Alcohol In Motor Vehicles Or Serving From A Food Truck (For Example)

We will advise you as needed of the necessary licenses you or your paid drivers need to obtain from the department of motor vehicles (DMV) to carry out your business plans involving alcohols and transportation. If you or one of your employees is charged with drunk driving or any traffic violation in connection with your business, we can represent you with the goal of preserving your driving privileges and getting charges lessened or reduced or otherwise mitigate any harm to your driving privileges and business operations.

Consider Us A One-Stop Shop For Licenses And Permits Related To Selling, Storing Or Transporting Alcohol

To schedule a consultation with Scott Alagood, please call the office at 940-308-8463 or email us through this website to schedule a consultation about your needs.