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Published Articles:

Termination Basics for the 12 Days of Christmas by Sam Burke
What is the “F” word?  by Ryan T. Webster
The Recent Holding in Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission provides clues to business but no clear rules?  by Samuel  B. Burke
Why Not DIY Legal?  by:  Ryan T. Webster
The Gun Control Debate:  A Brief History by:  Samuel B. Burke 
Have I Formed a Contract?  by Ryan T. Webster
The engagement is off, who gets the ring?  by Ryan T. Webster
Mediation and Arbitration, are they all they’re cracked up to be? by Ryan T. Webster
Solar Leasing by R. Scott Alagood
Begin with an End in Mind – A Primer On Small Business Dispute Resolution by Samuel B. Burke
Think Before You Review – A Cautionary Tale about Online Review by Ryan T. Webster
Lawsuits – Not as Seen on TV by Ryan Webster
Texas Innkeepers and Hotels (Part Two) by R. Scott Alagood
Texas Innkeepers and Hotels by R. Scott Alagood
Texas Legislature by R. Scott Alagood
Follow Up on the Town of Lakewood Village vs. Bizios by R. Scott Alagood
Texas Water Rights by R. Scott Alagood
Ownership Transfer Restrictions by R. Scott Alagood
Fluctuating Work Week by R. Scott Alagood
Mediation: A Texas Resolution
To Frack or Not to Frack: When do Government Regulations Violate the Constitution
Commercial Lease Review – Part Two
Commercial Lease Review – Part OneReceiverships
Foreclosure of a Texas Property Owners Association Lien
Texas Recording Statutes
When an Opinion is Fraud
How to Choose an Attorney
Buying and Selling a Business by R. Scott Alagood
Fraud: Bad Opinions Can Get You in as Much Trouble as Bad Facts by Sam Burke
Adverse Possession by R. Scott Alagood
Seller’s Disclosure of Property Condition in Residential Transactions by R. Scott Alagood
Overtime Claims and The Fair Labor Standards Act by R. Scott Alagood and Brian Cartwright
Point Click & Contract? by Sam Burke
Reverse Mortgages by R. Scott Alagood
Eminent Domain by R. Scott Alagood
What Insurance Companies Rely Upon to Issue a New Policy or Determine Rates by Brian Cartwright
Homeowner Insurance Claims and Their Effect On Premiums by Brian Cartwright
Contracts: When is One in Writing Required? by R. Scott Alagood
Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act by R. Scott Alagood
Changes to Texas Justice Courts by R. Scott Alagood
Buying Property at Foreclosure Sales: A Deal or A Dud? by R. Scott Alagood
Is Owner Financing Residential Real Estate SAFE? by R. Scott Alagood
Auto Insurance Claims and Their Effect on Premiums by Brian Cartwright
Mechanic’s and Materialman’s Lien Claims: A Few Pitfalls by R. Scott Alagood
Residential Construction Defects by R. Scott Alagood
Title Insurance: What it is and What it isn’t by R. Scott Alagood
Full Refund of Security Deposit: Fact or Fiction? by R. Scott Alagood
Should I use a Quitclaim Deed? by R. Scott Alagood
The Bill of Rights: A Tale of Constitutional Compromise by R. Scott Alagood
Important Update on Employment Law and Employer Liability in Texas by Brian Cartwright
Important Update On Personal Injury, Subrogation, and Insurance Law in Texas by Brian Cartwright